• Color Cover Base BC 04

Base BC 04 LaColor

Even if you are a professional manicure or pedicure master, without quality materials, any coating you make will not last longer than a week. We recommend using exclusively products from the Ukrainian manufacturer LaColor, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the market.

The base BC 04 will be the basis for a beautiful and strong manicure. It is suitable for brittle nails, clay with irregularities. There is a self-leveling effect on the product. It is made on a rubber basis, therefore it is plastic. After using it, the base of the nail does not crack, and its appearance remains beautiful and well-groomed for up to 3-4 weeks. Your clients will show off excellent manicures or pedicures until the next correction.

Base BC 04 LaColor is used to improve adhesion between polish and nail plate. With this coating, you get the perfect nail, on which it is very easy to create a unique design. Thanks to the color that is as close to natural, the shade of the polish does not become dull or, conversely, bright. It conveys the gamut you need, so a manicure or pedicure turns out just as you intended.

Buy BC 04 LaColor base: how to apply 

In order for BC 04 LaColor base to perform all its functions, you will need to use a special algorithm when applying.

1. Perform a hygienic manicure and, if necessary, remove the old coating from the nail.

2. File the nail into the desired shape.

3. Using a cotton pad, apply a special substance that degreases the nail plate.

4. Using the handy brush that comes with the BC 04 LaColor base, apply the agent, seal the edge and lamp dry for up to 2 minutes.

Next, apply the first layer of the varnish of your choice or create the desired design directly along the base. Do not forget that each layer is cured in the lamp for up to 2 minutes. In the end, top and cuticle oil is applied.

Creating an almost perfect manicure or pedicure is quite simple. The BC 04 LaColor base will help you with it. 

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Color Cover Base BC 04

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