• Color Cover Base BC 03

Base BC 03 LaColor

Base BC 03 LaColor is the best solution for manicure or pedicure with gel polish. There are many advantages that are not available in other similar products. There is excellent quality at first. You get a rubber product with an optimal consistency. It comes in a jar with a handy brush. You will be able to apply it easily, and it will not run or roll.

Further, it is worth noting the reasonable price. The BC 03 LaColor base has no analogs in our market. It is produced according to a unique formula invented by a Ukrainian manufacturer. Rest assured that you only get the best. Each of your clients will be extremely pleased with both the appearance of the manicure or pedicure and its durability and strength. 

Buy BC 03 LaColor base: the best quality at an affordable price

Of course, every base on our market has both its advantages and disadvantages. But there are practically no drawbacks in the products from the Ukrainian manufacturer LaColor. You get products suitable for extension, problem nails, correction. You can use them both at home in the kitchen and in the salon. 

Base BC 03 LaColor dries quickly and there is optimal hardness. On problem nails, it prevents damage to the integrity of the coating. The fact is that a thin nail plate has a different structure than a healthy one. Therefore, it is necessary for it to select plastic goods of optimal density. The BC 03 LaColor base formula contains a complex of vitamins that heals the nail plate, making it stronger.

This coating has a self-leveling effect. That is, even on problem nails of an irregular shape, it will look just fine. The product quickly corrects imperfections and makes the nail healthier. 

The base BC 03 LaColor is in our catalog. You can order her now. Leave your contact information in a special form. Our consultants will contact you fairly quickly to clarify all the details.

We will help you create the perfect manicure based on the BC 03 LaColor base. 

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Color Cover Base BC 03

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