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La Color Gel Coatings 

The condition of the nails says a lot about a woman: first of all, about respect and self-love. And also-about the professionalism of the master who does manicure and pedicure. 

With gel lacquers La Color you can not worry about the fact that the client will be dissatisfied. After all, with them you can achieve a result in which the nails will always look great, emphasizing the beauty of women's hands and feet.

Buy La Color gel coatings: attractive price, high quality

Gel varnishes La Color is what any master who respects his work is looking for. With them, you will be proud of the results you have received. 

Gel varnishes La Color can be used in professional beauty salons and at home. They combine the beauty of a simple varnish and the reliability of a modeling gel. The coating is made of high-quality materials, which is confirmed by certificates and licenses. The composition does not contain:

  • solvents; 
  • aggressive components; 
  • toxic particles.

All components are hypoallergenic. Their effect is enhanced by a vitamin complex, which makes the nail plate stronger. After removing the gel polish La Color, the nail will please with a healthy color and the absence of detachments. 

The application procedure itself is very comfortable. Gel varnishes La Color is available with a convenient brush that allows you to make a uniform layer. A pleasant smell will please both the master and the client. 

Another advantage gel varnishes La Color: It does not spread. The base turns out to be stable and beautiful. If you compare the aesthetic appearance of this product with its analogues, a professional will see the difference with the naked eye. Manicure and pedicure remain fresh for up to 3 weeks after application: they do not crack and do not chip, showing resistance to any external influences. 

Buy La Color gel coatings: application technology

Preparation for applying gel polish La Color standard:

  • removed previous coverage; 
  • the cuticle is removed; 
  • the nail is filed to the desired shape;
  • the surface is sanded.  

Then the process is as follows:

  1. The nail plate is cleaned with a lint-free cloth. We recommend using a degreasing and dehydrating substance for this purpose. So it is better to remove fat, dust, moisture from the nail.
  2. A bonder is applied to soft, prone to delamination nails. It not only creates additional adhesion, but also "heals" the plate. The substance should dry for at least 20 seconds.
  3. The nails are covered with a base La Color and they are sealed along the free edge. Each layer should dry for at least 2 minutes in a UV lamp (if you use an LED lamp, 30 seconds is enough).
  4. A gel polish is applied La Color and the free edge is sealed. Each layer must be dried for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30 seconds in an LED lamp. 
  5. If necessary, a drawing is made.
  6. The top is applied La Color and the free edge is sealed. The coating is drying.

At the end, the nail is wiped with a lint-free cloth with a special liquid and cuticle oil is applied.

Buy La Color gel varnishes: guaranteed reliability and durability

In our online store you will find a huge range of gel lacquers La Color. From the palette, you can choose bright, saturated shades or, conversely, soft, light tones. 

Bring to life the most unusual ideas and fantasies. Create unique designs together with gel lacquers La Color!