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Orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor

Calm tones for manicures are not in trend. Orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor will help you understand what quality and fashionable nail coating are. This gel polish is very popular inexpensive salons. It is used by masters who make long-lasting, beautiful manicures and pedicures. 

Orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor is designed with a unique formula. It allows the coating to stay on the nails for up to 3-4 weeks. The client will not break the nail or damage the design until the next correction.

The product goes well with other products in the collection. The assortment of bright, original colors will allow you to choose an interesting combination that will emphasize any image and style. 

With orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor, the client will be satisfied and will come to you again and again.

Buy orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor: how to apply 

In order for orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor to stay on nails for a long time, we recommend using a special application algorithm. It is best to use bases and tops from the manufacturer LaColor. But the product goes well with products from other brands. 

  1. Shape nails, degrease them and cover them with a base.

  2. Dry nail in a lamp for up to 2 minutes.

  3. Apply the first coat of Orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor and cure in a UV lamp for 100 to 120 seconds.

  4. For more intense color, apply the gel polish again, dry it and create a design if necessary.

  5. Cover the nail plate with a top and cure it in an ultraviolet lamp for 100 to 120 seconds.

If the top gives off a sticky layer, wipe it off with a special product. Also, apply cuticle oil. 

We recommend ordering Orange Gel Polish N007 LaColor today on this page. In the catalog, you can choose any shades from different collections. Create excellence with us.

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